Arkham Rattery is now closed


In late 2021 I made the difficult decision to stop breeding and close the rattery. I very much enjoyed the journey; it came with many ups and downs, triumphs and heartbreak. I am keeping all of my now-retired breeders as pets, so I don't expect to have any available in the future. 

I will still be available to previous adopters for support to the best of my ability, and will do my best to return emails as quickly as possible. The Instagram page @arkhamrats is still active with pictures of my mischief, and a few cameo appearances from our other critters.


I am leaving the website up, and will be adding general resources for rat owners. Feel free to link/share, but please don't remove credit info. 

Thank you everyone for joining me on this journey.



Arkham is an AFRMA 
registered breeder.

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