Available Rats

These are the babies and young adults currently available; most are ready to go home to approved applicants. If you are interested in adopting, please submit an application, and feel free to follow it up with an email!


Occasionally I offer former breeders for adoption for 'pet retirement' homes; these may be former breeders but they are still being sold as pet only. They have worked hard for their progeny, and deserve to be spoiled pets for the majority of their lives.

*Please understand, this page may not reflect the current availability. Rats not marked as reserved may be reserved or pending reservation and not yet posted as such. I make every effort to update this page and keep it as current as possible!

While at times I may have a several available, others I have none. I do not keep rats 'in stock'; I am a hobby rattery not a pet shop, so all selection and arrangements must be done in advance, and a limited-contact pickup scheduled. I do not allow visitors into the rattery for both biosecurity and personal safety and privacy for my family. 


Crowley x Anarchy

Born 12/30/20


There are two babies remaining from this litter:

Female: Black Self Standard Dumbo

Female: Black Berkshire Standard Dumbo


Retired Breeder Boys

Born 03/21/20

These two boys have been a great part of my breeding program, but they are ready to retire as spoiled pets. They are bonded littermates, together since birth so I would strongly prefer that they stay together. Reduced adoption fee of $25 for the pair.

Crowley: Black Berkshire Standard Dumbo

Mando: Black Berkshire Rex Dumbo



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