Welcome to Arkham Rattery!


Welcome to Arkham Rattery! I am a small hobby rat breeder located in Buckeye, Arizona. My main focus is healthy, social rat companions. I breed a variety of different colors and coat types, in both dumbo and regular ears. I have a few projects I'm excited to be working on. The availability of the various colors and coat types I work with depends on current pairings.

Why pet rats? Rats are extremely intelligent, social, and affectionate, not to mention downright adorable! I love introducing people to the world rats, and dispelling all of the myths surrounding them. They are clean, quiet, bond with their owners, and learn tricks!

Feel free to explore the site, and check back for updates and added info. I am always happy to answer any questions, even if you are not quite ready to adopt.For the most up to date information and recent pictures, please follow us on Facebook, or email me at arkhamrats@gmail.com 

Arkham is an AFRMA 
registered breeder.

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