Where are you located?

I am located in Buckeye, Arizona. Buckeye is approximately 26 miles west of Downtown Phoenix.

Can I come visit your rats?


No- due to bio-security risks and privacy concerns, Arkham Rattery is a closed rattery. Just like people and dogs, rats are prone to certain illnesses that can be transmitted unknowingly via clothing, hands, and even in your respiratory system. I do not allow people to enter my home and possibly expose my rats to these risks. My rattery is in my home, so for the safety and privacy of my family I do not allow visitors. All pick-ups are pre-scheduled outside pick-ups.

Do you have rats available?

It varies! While I plan my pairings/litters carefully, there is never any guarantee of what they will produce; litters vary in size, and aren't always split evenly by sex. Even color and coat type don't always pop up when I want or expect them to, so I am at the mercy of what the genetic roll of the dice happens to be. Also, this is my hobby, and not a business so unlike a pet store, I do not have rats "in stock" and awaiting purchase.

How will I select a baby?


I love to take photos of my babies, and will post photos of available rats for selection. I will gladly provide additional photos and/or videos of the babies you are interested in to help you decide.


What varieties do you breed?

I have a few different varieties, and combinations of those varieties, that I am currently working with, and will be working with in the future. I currently have Standard, Rex, Velveteen, Silvermane (D'Argent), and Harley coats. Colors I work with are agouti, cinnamon, black, blues (American and Russian) and Siamese. I have recently started working with roan and Dwarfs, and will have them available hopefully in 2021. 

Do you have Dumbos?

I personally love the look of Dumbo rats, and most of my breeders are (or carry) Dumbo, so the majority of my babies will be Dumbo. 

Can you let me know when you have a certain variety available?

I can absolutely try my best! While I can't guarantee if/when a certain variety will become available, as long as it is something I have plans to breed for, you are more than welcome to put your application in. I will make every effort to contact those waiting (in order of application) when babies will be posted for selection. I do recommend following on Facebook and Instagram, as I post litter photos and updates as regularly as possible. If you see something that stands out, shoot me a message! 

Do you ship or deliver?

No- our rats are pickup only. In some circumstances, I will send rats via ground pet transport. This is done only with prior arrangements; all costs/risks are assumed by the buyer, and must be paid in advance. This is only possible during periods of non-extreme temperatures, (which is a small window for shipping from AZ to other states).

Can I buy a single rat?

The short answer is no, I only sell in same-sex pairs, trios, or more. Rats are very social, and even with daily interaction a lone rat can get depressed and become ill. Rats play, groom each other, and cuddle all day. Human interaction alone can not replace this close social construct. Even if you already have a rat at home, your new baby needs a friend for the quarantine period.

Do I really have to fill out an application and sign an agreement/liability form?

Yes. The application helps me match you with the rats you are looking for, and helps me keep thorough records. The contract and liability forms are protection for both of us, and facilitate a clear understanding of policies. In addition to this, providing contact info ensures that I can contact adopters if anything unexpected pops up with a litter in the future (ie- any unforeseen health/temperament issues showing up in littermates).

What do I get for my adoption fee?

Each rat adopted will come with a birth certificate, care sheets, and transition food. I will keep the signed contract and liability waivers for my records, and will email adopters a copy. 

Why quarantine? My rat(s) at home are healthy.

Quarantining new rats for 30 days is always a good idea. Even though my rats are healthy, I will still strongly recommend quarantining any time you bring home new rats, just to be safe. Check our files & documents section for more information on quarantine.

I have more questions that aren't listed here.

Feel free to contact me with any questions about my rats, or rats in general. Also, check the files section for general information.