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These links and files are intended for use as general education and information only, not a substitute for professional veterinary care. I accept no responsibility for misuse or misunderstanding of the information provided, nor do I have any control over changes in content of the linked sites. Further, I have no affiliation with the following sites, so I cannot guarantee that the information is current or accurate. As studies are done, and more is learned, facts and best practices can change, and these sites may not be up to date. If your rat is ill or injured, please seek advice and treatment from a qualified, experienced rat veterinarian.

I will add resources here as I compile them. Please notify me if you have a link or document you think should added or removed, or if you find any dead/out of date links.

Rat Guide

A layman's guide to health, medication use, breeding, and responsible care of pet rats.


American Fancy Mouse and Rat Association. 
Rat and mouse standards for colors, coats, and conformation, as well as health info and articles.

Little Paws Rattery

Breeder Directory

Little Paws Rattery has compiled a fantastic breeder directory!  While Little Paws nor Arkham can guarantee the quality of the rats sold by these breeders, this directory is a great resource and place to start.