My Lines

My first goal in my breeding is to produce healthy, social rats, while also working towards the AFRMA standard.

These are my current lines.


Standard coats are a foundation to the rest of my program, and not all of them are from the same line. Some of my standards are from lines I have been working with for years, while others are newer to me, and come from other Ratteries, including Raindrop and Desert Lotus. 

In my standard, I am working on the different individual colors that I want in the various coat types. Rich agouti, deep black, and powder blue are the main three colors I am focused on, in self, variegated, and Berkshire patterns. I am also working with black-eyed siamese on a smaller scale.



Rex is my oldest line, and most of my standards come from this line. I have been working with them for several years, and improving temperaments. 

I am working with mostly black and blue, though I will be introducing agouti at some point as well.  I am working on improving the rex coats to have more curl, that will age well and straighten less. I am also working with Double Rex 'mock hairless' from the same line.



The Velveteen line I am working with is from Desert Lotus, and I have had them for over a year. They have very nice coats and the sweetest temperaments; most of them love to give kisses!

I am currently only working with black and blue, some silvered. I would like to work with more blue, as well as possibly agouti. I plan on working a lot more with double Velveteen.



Silvermane is a variety I have wanted for a few years, and I'm excited to finally start working with them, from Desert Lotus Rattery.

I have been working with both agouti and black-based colors alongside my standards. I do plan on combining Silvermane with a few different coat types, particularly Harley.



My Harley rats come from two lines; Desert Lotus Rattery and Raindrop Rattery. My primary focus with Harley is improving coat quality, and selectively breeding to reduce lactation issues in moms.

I'm only working with black and Siamese Harley right now,

though I plan on introducing blue and possibly agouti.

I also plan to combine with my Silvermane line.


Dwarf rats are very new to my rattery, coming from Raindrop Rattery in Oregon. Her Dwarf rats are amazing! Dwarf was a "bucket list" variety for me, and I'm super happy to be working with them!


I am currently working with Roan (Russian Blue and black), and Siamese. I am not working on any improvements at the moment; I will be continuing the line with just a few slight changes.