Here is a peek into the nursery. Not all of the babies in the nursery will be available for adoption; some will be held back, and all must prove healthy and social prior to placement as pets.

My rats  can go to their new homes at 6-7 weeks, no younger. Dwarf rats can go home at 8 weeks. Please see our adoption page for information on how to reserve a baby. 

Holds/deposits are not accepted until 5 weeks; any prior to this are a courtesy, and are subject to change upon temperament evaluation. If a selected baby is found to be unsuitable for pet placement, the adopter will be informed and allowed to re-select.

*Please note, this page may not reflect the current availability. Rats not marked as reserved may be reserved or pending reservation and not yet posted as such. I make every effort to update this page and keep it as current as possible, but I am not always able to do it daily! Contacting me is the best way to inquire about availability