Upcoming Breedings

These are my recent pairings, and planned upcoming breedings. Some are decided, others are being considered and may change. I usually know what possibilities to expect from my planned breedings, however I can't guarantee what colors, coat types, or sexes will be born or available for adoption; some will be held back, and all will have to pass temperament evaluation. If you are interested in any specific litters or varieties and would like to be placed on a wait-list, please fill out an application and specify which type/breeding you are interested in.

Ryuk x Luci

Paired 1/17/2020

ARKH's Ryuk is a Russian Dove Silvermane and ARKH's Luci is a black Harley Rex.

With this pairing I expect black and blue rex and Silvermane, possible Silvermane Rex, and Standards, all standard ear.

Harris x Merida

Paired 1/17/2020

CNC's Merida is a Black Roan Dwarf Dumbo, and CNC's Harris is a Black Roan Dwarf Dumbo.

With this pairing, I expect black and blue Roan Dwarf Dumbos.



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